Get a Servicing Quote at Waterhouse Volvo in Chelmsford, Essex

To get a quote for how much YOUR service will cost for YOUR car, there are three possible methods:

  • Fill out the online enquiry form on the right;
  • Call us on 0844 264 2663; or
  • Visit our dealership in Chelmsford, Essex.
  • The Volvo Service Promise is a guarantee of quality, reassurance and expertise. Scroll down to find out more about what this includes:

    Personal Service Contact

    We’ll introduce you to a dedicated personal service contact who will answer any questions you have about your Volvo. They are there to offer any advice and support you need.

    Courtesy Car

    We understand life goes on while your Volvo is in for a service and you need something else to get around. That’s why we always offer alternative transport solutions. Book them through your Personal Service Contact.

    Health Check

    We’ll connect your Volvo to a diagnostics system to check that all safety systems are functioning correctly, and let you know how much power is left in the battery. After all, things like your smartphones and satellite navigation draw power from the battery and can cause it to run low.

    Car Wash

    We believe that every time you drive away from Waterhouse, it should feel like driving a brand new car for the first time. So, every time your vehicle is in for a service, we’ll give the outside a wash as thorough as the service we do on the inside.

    Free Software Upgrade

    Modern Volvos are cleverer than lots of computers – so it makes sense that the software needs a refresh from time to time. Free upgrades mean your Volvo can get a little better at every service, by optimising things like the air conditioning, engine and driver information systems.

    Volvo Assistance

    With a service from Waterhouse you’ll qualify for 12 months’ free Volvo Assistance. That means you qualify for around-the-clock help in the event of a breakdown, including roadside repair and transport, so you’re not left stranded at the side of the road.

    Genuine Service

    An authorised Volvo workshop such as Waterhouse is the only workshop guaranteed to offer you the unique combination of genuine Volvo parts, specialist Volvo methods and the expertise of specially trained Volvo technicians.

    Price Promise

    We promise to provide real value for money and transparent pricing. Your Volvo will only get the service it needs, not the most expensive. You’ll know the bottom-line price before work starts and, if there’s another garage within five miles offering a cheaper like-for-like quote in writing, we’ll match it.

    Contact Waterhouse today for more information; visit us in person in Chelmsford, phone us direct, or contact us via the website.