Subscription benefits

All inclusive

Your subscription includes service, maintenance, wear & tear cover, vehicle tax, and more. You have the option to add insurance or choose your own.

No hidden costs

With your subscription car, no deposit or negotiation is required. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee that covers most practicalities.​

3 months' notice

Subscribe flexibly to change car or cancel with 3 months' notice, or subscribe for a fixed 36-month period and pay a lower fee.


What’s included in your flexible car subscription?

The all-inclusive monthly fee covers the practical stuff* – you just drive. Simply add insurance or use your own.

 3 months’ notice

​ No hidden costs

​ Service & maintenance

​ Wear & tear cover (incl. tyres)

​ Courtesy car/Collection & delivery

✓ Mandatory tax & inspections

✓ Dedicated customer care

✓ Volvo Cars App

 ✓ 24/7 roadside assistance

✓ Flexible mileage package

Note: 3 months' notice do not apply to fixed-term subscription offers.
*Your subscription excludes consumables such as fuel, AdBlue, washer fluid and oil (unscheduled refills) and charges for speeding, tolls and parking. Read more in our FAQ.

How do I subscribe to Care by Volvo?

1. Discover - Start Browse cars.

2. Select - Design your car or select a pre-built and pick preferred subscription. We will confirm your order and credit eligibility.

3. Delivery - Your car is ready! We will contact you to schedule your delivery. Choose Waterhouse as the retailer for pickup, or you can choose us to deliver your car home.

4. Drive! - Congratulation to a hassle-free car ownership. Tip! For an overview of your car, download Volvo Cars app to your phone. Enjoy your new Volvo experience.

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Subscribe to a brand-new car

Choose a ready-to-deliver car and get it delivered in one month (while stocks last) or choose a personalised car and get it delivered in 4-7 months.