Every New Volvo* now has benefit of FREE 100gb data SIM card on delivery

When you now buy a current model year new Volvo, you can benefit from a 100gb FREE Data SIM in your car which will allow you to be fully connected, with a WiFi hotspot, access to online apps and streaming services on the go – just like using a phone SIM card.

The car’s SIM card creates an on-board WiFi hotspot that can be used by up to eight devices. This makes life easier and more enjoyable for everyone on board – especially families, who can keep themselves entertained on long drives by streaming music or movies, or playing online games.

The SIM card provides access to a whopping 100GB of data, which means owners will not have to use their own devices to stay connected while out and about, so there is no impact on their personal data plan or device’s battery charge. Users also benefit from a stronger signal while on the move, since reception is transmitted through their car’s antenna.

This enhanced connectivity is available for up to 12 months for no extra charge on top of the car’s initial purchase price. The data SIM is available on all Model Year 2020 Volvo models, with a simple retro-fit option for those cars already purchased and delivered.

As part of Volvo’s industry-leading commitment to safety, the SIM card also enables alerts to be received and transmitted when a similarly connected Volvo car’s hazard lights are triggered nearby, or slippery road surfaces are encountered, reducing the risk of an accident.

Sue Cleveland, Sales Manager at Waterhouse, said: “Being connected is a hugely important part of modern life, and in-car connectivity brings a whole host of benefits in terms of entertainment, information, journey planning and safety while on the move.

“By fitting a data SIM card to every new Volvo we sell, customers can enjoy the cutting-edge technology in our cars to the full, while also making their lives easier and more enjoyable.”

For more information on Waterhouse and the new data SIM card instalment, email sales@waterhousecars.co.uk, call 01245 240555 or visit www.volvocarschemlsford.co.uk.

*Model Year 2020 only