Mercedes-Benz Tyres

Having tyres that are in good condition with plenty of tread and no significant damage is a legal requirement. High-quality tyres that are correctly inflated to the right pressure also enhance your car’s handling ability and optimise fuel efficiency.

How much tread should my tyres have?

The legal limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. You are required by law to replace your tyre if the tread depth is worn to below this limit, but we recommend replacing them before they get to this level. When the amount of tread depth wears to below 3mm your car will not be as easy to handle when cornering and your stopping distance will increase. Having worn tyres is particularly problematic in wet weather as your risk of aquaplaning increases – which is when the tyres fail to get purchase on the road and you lose control.

How do I choose new tyres?

The size of your new tyres should always match those fitted to the car already and you can find information about the current tyres by looking at the label on the sidewall. Deciding which tyres are right for you depends on your priorities, as there is usually a trade-off between comfort, handling ability, road noise and fuel efficiency. We stock a wide range of high quality tyres for different types of motorists, and we are sure you will find the right tyres to suit your budget. Our expert advisers can help you choose which product is right for you.

Do I need winter tyres?

Fitting winter tyres during cold weather is not compulsory in the UK but it does offer substantial benefits. Winter tyres are made from rubber with a high silica content which means they keep their flexibility and perform better in very low temperatures and do not wear as easily. They also provide better traction on snow and ice making it safer to drive in challenging weather conditions. However, winter tyres do not fare well in higher temperatures so if you do decide to purchase winter tyres you should not keep them on your car all year round – swap them for standard tyres.

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