Service Booking

At Waterhouse we believe in looking after all of our customers motoring needs. We genuinely care for our customers and that is why we don’t want to spring surprises in the form of unforeseen bills.

Hence, when a service is due for your Mercedes-Benz, we take care to provide an accurate quotation in advance that wholly reflects, not only the cost of servicing but also the anticipated additional cost of any parts required due to the mileage of the vehicle.

We always want our customer experience to always be an outstanding one. Customers can rest assured that the quotation we provide is an accurate reflection of the final bill they will see.

There are four ways to get a servicing quotation: via the online service booking system - My Service, calling us on 01245 207351, clicking ‘Contact the Team’ and sending a completed contact form, or pop in and visit us in person.